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These facts were pointed out in an internet forum through messages and message Unfortunately not a single senior or learned member commented, criticized or supported these views. The purpose is mainly to bring out defective methodology applied for the test. Naturally the conclusion drawn from the test on AA charts with defective methodology will be unreliable. It is possible that the rule may not be satisfied at that exact moment, but at some time in between this interval of 5 minutes.

This possibility is not taken into consideration thus rendering the test results unreliable. Therefore it is an humble request to astrologer fraternity to think rationally before blindly accepting conclusion. The point can be proved by analyzing same data for AA charts if made available, but unfortunately the said data is not available.

However the test results given on page 2 of AA charts show that the second hypothesis fails in This raised doubt about reliability of test and conclusion drawn. Hence this review was necessary. The result of test b was posted in the same internet group by message number One can imagine what will be the reaction by real researchers from astrological community.

All learned astrologers, it is hoped, will not blindly accept conclusions of any such studies in absence of 1 basic data 2 purpose of study 3 methodology applied. This applies to present review also. In fact any effort to point out fallacies noticed in this review will be highly appreciated. In the last issue of JASA, Sri Ektare ji exposed the self appointed custodian of KP and a self-proclaimed KP reference giver on the internet who also churns out anything in the name of research in his own monthly magazine.

In this article, the readers can see how, for many years, thousands of KP lovers were misguided by this fellow in the name of research. It is high time that self-proclaimed KP reference givers be brought to task. Murthy The author is a senior KP astrologer based in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh providing excellent astrological consultancy.

He has authored numerous articles in the prestigious KP Yearbook published annually. To err is human Swami Vivekananda. In the world all the human beings have the right to live in the way they like. In the world Why some people can control their emotions and some cannot? Why some people let others live with their actions and nature? Why some people get cruel thoughts and sadistic tendencies at the peak level like killing and murdering fellow human beings very easily? Let us discuss astrologically in the view of KP system.

Characteristics of The Murderers Charts: Ascendant indicates the murderer and the 7th house denotes the victim. So consider the Maraca-Badhaka Sthanas and their significators of the victims cusp 7th while analyzing the birth chart of a murderer. So 1,2,6,7,8,12 houses are to be noted.

So he should be connected to Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Ketu and also to 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12 houses. So the 5th cusp and its co-rulers should be under the influence of Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Ketu and also be connected to the houses 1,2,6,7,8, Relationship of Mars to the Ascendant plays an important role in the horoscopes of murderers.

Murderers will be imprisoned and later they will be severely punished either by hanging or in some other way. So he committed the murder. Mars is the occupant of lagna. Both the lagna sign lord Mercury and Rahu are in one sign i. Lagna cusp star lord himself is Rahu. Lagna cusp sub lord Jupiter and Moon are aspected by Mars. It is also associated with Rahu. Sun, the sub lord of the 5th cusp is closely conjoined with Rahu in Taurus. Its influence on the Ascendant makes this native as a murderer. Mars is deposited in lagna and aspects the Moon karaka for mind , 7th cusp victim and also the 8th Maracasthana for victim with his 4th, 7th and 8th aspect respectively.

Mars signifies 1- 6. Moon is the significators of 2. Venus having no planets in its stars and holding the sub lordship for the third, sixth and twelfth cusps became a Self-strong significator for Thus Venus signifies and About Venus explained in the above Para Jupiter and Saturn are the significators of maraca badhaka houses of the assassin. Both of these houses are maraca houses for the victim 7th. Both are the Maraca Sthanas of the victim. Sun is also aspected by Saturn. Sun signifies 8 and 6.

Both these houses are maraca sthanas of the victim. Moon is also the lord of 2nd. He acts as an agent for Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Sun is the occupant of 3rd and none in its stars and also none in 3rd. So he is a strong significators for 3rd house. Sun is in the star of Mars who owns 6th and in 8th. Hence Sun signifies -8 strongly. Venus is the owner of 12th. Saturn owns 8th. Thus Rahu signifies Explained in the above Para in detail Imprisonment rule is satisfied.

Both Moon and Sun are the significators of maraca badhaka houses of the victim. Mutual aspect of Saturn and Mars. None in 12th. So this native stabbed his father on It is the occupant of 12 and also the owner of Thus the entire 5th cusp is under the influence of Saturn and Rahu. So she is a strong significators for 8. It owns 12 and the occupant of 12 also. Explained above. Jupiter aspects the 8th in natal chart.

He is the owner of 6th. IV Jewett, William Jr. He was accused of sexual assault and murderer. He raped Jennifer Mullin and strangled her to death on It signifies 6 and 1. Ascendant star lord Sun is also aspected by Mars with his 4th aspect. He is conjoined with Venus who is the lord of 2nd. So he is a very good strong significators for Sun is aspected by Mars also.

Sun and Saturn are in Gemini sign. She is also a significator for 7th. She is in the sub of Rahu. Mercury is having no planets in his stars and none in first house. So he is a great and strong single significator for first house. He is in the star of Saturn who is the lord of 6th. Mutual exchange of stars of Mars and Saturn.

This indicates strong positional status.


The horoscopes of these murderers are given below:. Editors Note on V. Many internet-based, self-proclaimed KP bigwigs are trying to misguide everyone by saying that K. Krishnamurthy never used any traditional astrology. These are. The fact is that KSK was a very good user of both traditional astrology and his own KP theory while delineating a chart. To show this to the whole world, provided below is the scanned page of the 4th Reader, Edition pages where in the last paragraph of page , KSK himself uses Vargathamamsa and exaltation-debilitation principle of Vedic astrology in his KP analysis for marriage promise determination.

When a planet is in the same sign in Rashi chart as well as in Navamsa chart, D-9, then it is called as Vargathamamsa. JASA salutes V.

Sree Partha Roy is a Professional Astrologer in Kolkata, Salt Lake City

Murthy ji for showing all the readers the correct approach to Krishnamurthy Paddhati. Look at the marked paragraph and stop yourself being fooled by internet-based reference givers!! In this article I would like to invite all the readers and astrologers to think differently in the research field of astrology. Often we face a lot of contradictory and debatable issues that whether Astrology is a science or not. And as usual always there will be two groups, one in favor and another in against.

But instead of grouping or voting in favor and against if we try to address the issues and work as a team then only it will be a great contribution for the society as well as for the subject. Today America is well ahead almost in every field, why? They know the skills of teaming and assembling. They are strongly focused on program management. We the Indians are more focused on the individualism. In the field of research if it requires teaming go for it. But unfortunately we dont do it. Let me try to explain the concept by an example.

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The mechanism of Lens purely comes under physics. If you are not able to see properly through your eyes that part completely comes under physiology or medical science. At least Im not aware of such research where a group of physicist, a group of biologists and a group of astrologers work together as a team and statically concluded or addressed any particular issue. They all work individually and try to conclude their individual subject as the only science.

Every subject has its own limitations and so the astrology has. Even the quantum physics is purely based on probability. We cant say definitely where the particle is situated. Statistically its impossible for a person to predict or estimate any events accurately for every time. There may be such people who are perfect every time for them I would simply say they are completely blessed by almighty. Well now lets discuss step by step how we should proceed for a structured astrological research supported by statistical analysis. Step 1: we should understand the event or the issue here its Cancer in details.

For example what is cancer? What is the reason for cancer? What are the different types of cancer? What is the global statistics for cancer? Step 2: Collect different astrological rules, laws and hypothesis available for the event or issue from different sources. Sources should be mentioned clearly for reference. Step 3: Collect AA rated data at least for the specific event.

Prepare the data for analysis. While creating horoscopes we should follow uniformly the basic parameter like software used for the research. For signification whether original KP or KB or 4 step method is being considered. Step 4: Examine or test the existing rules for the set of data. Step 5: Statistical analysis will start from here. You will understand whether any modification is required for the existing rules.

Or even based on the observation you can find some new relation. Construct a proper methodology and test the new hypothesis based on your observation. What is Cancer? Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can affect any part of the body. Other terms used are malignant tumours and neoplasms. One defining feature of cancer is the rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their usual boundaries, and which can then invade adjoining parts of the body and spread to other organs.

This process is referred to as metastasis. Metastases are the major cause of death from cancer. The reason for Cancer Cancer arises from one single cell. The transformation from a normal cell into a tumour cell is a multistage process, typically a progression from a pre-cancerous lesion to malignant tumours.

These changes are the result of the interaction between a person's genetic factors and three categories of external agents, including:. Physical carcinogens, such as ultraviolet and ionizing radiation; Chemical carcinogens, such as asbestos, components of tobacco smoke, aflatoxin a food contaminant and arsenic a drinking water contaminant ; and Biological carcinogens, such as infections from certain viruses, bacteria or parasites. Ageing is another fundamental factor for the development of cancer. The incidence of cancer rises dramatically with age, most likely due to a buildup of risks for specific cancers that increase with age.

The overall risk accumulation is combined with the tendency for cellular repair mechanisms to be less effective as a person grows older. Different types of Cancer Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and accounted for 7. Below are the main types of cancer in order of worldwide occurrence: 1. Lung 1. Deaths from cancer worldwide are projected to continue to rise to over 11 million in This list of common cancer types includes cancers that are diagnosed with the greatest frequency in the United States.

Now lets try to find out the available astrological experiments on this cancer. Medical Astrology For All by K. Subramaniam as my primary source. When Jupiter is connected with this disease it spreads rapidly to the neighboring tissues. Whenever the 6th cusp falls in Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, the person is susceptible to cancer provided other conditions are also fulfilled. Moon produces cancer of the blood, breast etc. Mars produces cancer of the blood, marrow genitals, uterus, neck, gall bladder etc. Mercury produces cancer of nose, naval, mouth etc.

Jupiter produces cancer of liver, ear, tongue, thigh etc. Venus is responsible for throat, genital organs and Saturn produces cancer of leg, jaw, places around the tooth etc. Some Western Combination for Cancer: 1. Saturn and Moon should be afflicted for Cancer. Saturn and Neptune connection with any manner will bring away the obstruction of the normal function of organs or tissues which is important symptom of the cancer.

Generally Saturn, Mars, Jupiter aspect each other by houses being in the sign of the other. Jupiter is the planet of growth while Mars and Saturn are destructive forces. Sometimes, Neptune takes the place of Jupiter as an important factor in this disease. The midpoint of Saturn and Neptune in a natal chart are to be considered for this disease. This point denotes chronic disease of often involving drugs and injection. It symbolizes the wasting of organs Some Vedic Planetary combination for Cancer: 1.

If the Moon is afflicted by three malefic in any signs I native may be attacked with cancer. If Saturn and Mars in 6th aspected by Rahu and sun, cancer disease is the result. If Mars joins the lord of 6th in the 1, 6, 7 and 10th it m cause cancer. Malefic in 5th, the Sun in 6th, the 8th and the 12th afflicted will cause cancer. Saturn, in the 4th with Venus and Mercury, when the Sun is also afflicted will cause Cancer. Combination of Rahu, Saturn and aspect of other malefic may excite the cause for cancer. Saturn, Mars combination in 6, 8,12th or in 7th may cause cancer.

Conjunction of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter in any sign may develop cancer. Conjunction of Jupiter, Ketu and Venus in any sign may also cause cancer. Mars it posited in the 6th as in fixed sign may give cancer. Saturn is posited in the 6th and in dual sign may produce cancer. The Rahu and Saturn and Mars are the planets responsible for all malignant growth. The lords of 6, 8,12th houses are responsible for the disease like a cancer or malignant type of growth. When a house is afflicted by most of the malefic and evil lords particularly by Saturn, Rahu, and Mars malignant type of growth like cancer may appear in that part of the body ruled by the house afflicted or in the part ruled by the planet afflicted.

When the lord of the 6th joins lagna 8 or 10th house and malefic Rahu afflicts, a house keeping same relatives with above houses or house lords. Cancer will come into presence in that part the body ruled by the afflicted house or planet. Breast Cancer: We should examine the 3rd and the 4th house and their lords, star lords and sub lords. The planet Moon is an important key for breast cancer. Throat Cancer : The 3rd se and its sub lords are to be considered additionally.

Cancer of Stomach:. We should consider the planet Jupiter and Sun and the lord and sub lord of the 5th cusp. When sun is connected with this disease, it produces cancer in the Stomach, Bowels etc. Cancer of Bladder, Kidney, Prostate: Involvement of water signs i. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the Moon, Venus, the 8th lord causes this type of the cancer. Colon and rectum: Normally Mercury causes more anus diseases. Mercury afflicted in Scorpio along with Rahu and Mars, can trigger this kind of cancer. Lung Cancer: The 4th house in a horoscope, the Sun, the Saturn afflict indicate lung cancer.

Uterus cancer: Involvement of Scorpio, the weak Moon, and Rahu related to 5th or 7th should be present. Skin Cancer:Mercury and Saturn rule over the skin as its affliction in the lagna or in the 12th ho causes this kind of cancer.

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  7. Bone and muscle cancer: Saturn governs our bones and Mars rules over the muscles. Ketu controls the cells and tissues and also he gives mysterious disease like cancer. Tongue, throat, mouth cancer:Mercury governs the throat, tongue and mouth. Ketu rules over the cells and tissues and he gives cancer. Rahu or Ketu in Taurus if heavily afflicted by Mercury and other malefic may cause this type of cancer disease. In the next issue we will discuss in details about the KP methodology for predicting Cancer and the mechanism of preparing data for statistical analysis.

    He has conceptualized this research in Cancer based on KP method after many months of deliberation. He has also collected a big set of AA rated birth charts on a variety of cancer diseases. Readers will easily find that Sri Mukhopadhayays research is not the run of the mill kind that usually once gets to see in the monthly magazines churned out by their own reviewers and editors. Sri Mukhopadhayay is laboriously building up his research and in the next issue we will see more output from his laboratory.

    This article series along with Sri Subhash Ektare jis article will remain as a benchmark for all to follow and do in the name of research. Easy to use and easy to understand! JASA and its readers salutes these great thinkers!! Sarma of Warangala direct disciple of K. Currently he is working as the Executive Director of a large multinational company. Email: rajendranimje yahoo. I begin this article with offering prayers to Lord Ucchistha Maha Ganapati. May the lord bless all of us! Planet is the source, Star lord shows the result through its occupancy and ownership of the cusps and the sublord decides whether the results are positive or negative is the key principle in Krishnamurti Padhdati.

    Let me elaborate the same through a simple example of fourth house matter. In a chart if the fourth cusp sublord is significator of 4 or 11 and connected to Venus the then matter is related to a vehicle. The starlord showing 4 or 11 is the result connected to fourth house matter and presence of Venus confirms the matter is related to a vehicle. Clearly, the sublord plays a role of decider in this case. In both the cases the CSLs starlord has either owned or occupied the 4th or 11th cusps. Therefore the signification is not complete unless we take sublord of the Cuspal sub lord in account to evaluate the potential of the cusp or we take sublord of the Dasa or Bhukti lord to know the signification of In the same analogy of vehicle purchase or sale the dasa lord will give positive result of the matters indicated by itself and its starord if the sublord of the dasa lord is favorable or positive or harmonious to it.

    The same principle applies to Bhukti or Antara or Sookshma lord.

    Journal for Advancement of Stellar Astrology

    Although the principle is defined very clearly by Prof. Krishnamurti , the role of sub lord as decider has never been explicit. In KP readers we did not get any clear clue as to how the sublord of the CSL should be used to know whether the results indicated by the CSL or its starlord are positive or negative.

    It is very simple to understand in the vehicle example that if the sublord of the CSLis indicating 4th or 11th then the matter is positive for buying a vehicle and if it indicates 3rd or 10th then it is good for selling. However, if the sublord is signifying by its ownership or by occupancy 2nd and 9th then what should we predict? Mostly, we check if the sulord of the CSL is also signifying the main house or the supplementary houses then the matter is going in a positive way.

    If the sublord is signifying exactly opposing houses then it will be in a negative way. In a chart we are looking for marriage and marital harmony. In this case as per KP we take 7th cusp in consideration. The7th Cuspal sublord CSL if by its occupancy or ownership or its starlords occupancy or ownership signifies 2 or 7 or 11 houses we say his marriage is promised by the CSL of 7th. Do we boldly predict the marriage will not happen? Do we say the marriage is on the cards as 7th CSL is clearly signifying the required houses of marriage and as per KP rules the marriage must happen though the CSLs sublord is deadly against the marriage or we say the marriage will not take place or the marriage will happen and divorce is also implanted by the destiny for this native?

    I have seen that we use CSLs sublord mostly as confirmatory if it indicates main or one of the supporting house in consideration. In some of the newly emerged KP based theories the sublord is used as significator and not as decider as contemplated by Guruji Krishnamurti ji. In cuspal interlinks the sub-sub lord plays a major role in linking the houses and indicating whether the matter is signified and going through or not. I am elaborating the situation for readers understanding.

    The person reaches the cinema theater to watch the movie and the gatekeeper allows him to go inside if the gatekeeper is harmonious with the CSL. If the gatekeeper for some reason is not convinced that the ticket of the movie is not valid and refuses entry to our CSL inside the movie hall then inspite of having valid movie ticket , the CSL is not permitted to enjoy the movie. He has to go back. Hence the sublord of the Dasa Lord must be harmonious to the houses signified by the DL through self and its starlord in order to see the results are enjoyed by a native during the Dasa lords period.

    We can also compare this with a water supply valve. The water can flow from one end to other if the wheel of the valve Sulord is opened. If the wheel is turned tightly the water from one end cant flow to other end. The matter also will not fructify if the wheel valve in the shape of sublord is tight. Now how to decide if the sublord is harmonious with the matters referred by the CSL or its starlord?

    Guruji Prof. Krishnamurti has quoted in KP that house 1,2, 3, 6, 10 and 11 are favorable for the native and houses 4, 5,7,8,9,12 are favorable to the opponent of the native. We apply this principle in deciding result of sport matches. We also use this in winning the competition, court cases and anything where there is a clear victory of one over other.

    This principle also found its origin in ancient texts of astrology where the houses 1,2,3 6, 10 and 11 are called as Upachaya Sthanas or improving houses. Other houses are improving houses to the opponent and hence Non-Improving houses to the native. I applied this principle to the sublord. I found that whenever the sublord is in improving houses from the houses indicated by the CSL or its starlord then the matter is going to fructify. Whenever, the CSLs sublord is 4, 5, 7 or 8, 9 or 12 houses away from the signified houses, the matter will not go through.

    Likely a gatekeeper of Cinema Theater, the sublord plays a role of allowing the persons to go through the gate and allow watching a movie if the person entering is improving houses away from the gatekeeper. I call it Sub Harmonic Theory. Main Rule- Upachaya Sthanas or houses 1,2,3,6,10,11 are favorable from the house or cusp for the matters to go through.

    The houses 7,8,9, 12,4, 5 are favorable to opposite side and hence are negative to the matter under consideration. Exemption- For matter under consideration we take one main house and few supporting houses. Among 1,2,3, 6, 10 and 11 improving houses I further noticed that there are few which are more harmonious than others. The category is as follows:. Let us take an example for applying sub harmonics. Child Birth - 5th house is the Main House, 2nd and 11th are supportive houses.

    Step II 2 and 11 are the supporting houses for child birth. Hence, even if 11th house is shown as in little opposition, remove it from this list and put it in harmonious houses. The final modified table ready for use will be: Perfectly Harmonious Harmonious Little opposition Not Harmonious at all 5th ,7th , 3rd , 11th i. Application of the Sub Harmonics to Evaluation of Potential of the Cusp: We are all aware that potential of any cusp in natal or horary chart is worked out as per signification given by the copal sub lord and its star lord.

    The regular strengths of the CSL is as per Star lords occupancy and ownership and Cuspal sub lords occupancy and ownership. Association of any planets with the starlord and sub lord also is considered for signification. However the strengths are worked out on the basis of anyone occupying the constellation area or the cuspal area.

    If Star Lord owns one or two rasis and if any planet is located in any of the rasi owned by the star lord then rasi lord of these owned rasis by star lord are secondary significators. However, in Sub Harmonics, we first work out the significators as per constellation lord and the CSL as mentioned in above paragraph. Thereafter, for each of the signified houses distance between the CSL sublord significators occupancy and ownership only is worked out. The net sum of these distances between the significators of the CSL and that of CSLs sublord clearly indicates if the Sub is harmonious for the signified houses indicated by the CSL or its star lord.

    If the net result is positive then the matter will go through. If the net result is negative then the matter will not go through or will give very tough time for the native. If the sub is perfectly harmonious i. If the second row of harmonious operates then also it will go through but the strength will be less. Third row is little opposition and the last row the sub is totally nonharmonious and hence the matter will not fructify. For Dasa find out which are the houses it is signifying through the occupancy of Dasa lord and the ownership and also Dasalords starlord its occupancy and its ownership.

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    For each of the houses signified, check if sublord is harmonious. If sublord is 1,3 or 11 from the signified house, then the matter signified will go through. If the sublord is indicating 4,8,12 then it will not go through though indicated. Allow supportive houses indicated by sublord for a particular matter even if it is in 4, 8, 12 list. This is an exception which was covered earlier. Consider 2, 6, 10 houses are harmonious provided they are not opposing the supporting houses.

    Consider other houses 5,7,9 are opposing unless they are in the group of supportive houses. Hence as per the gate valve or Thyristor analogy- the water or current will pass through the two ends only when the wheel is turned on or the Thyristor gate is fired by the Sub Lord. Allow only the house signification for the dasa lord which are permitted by the sublord as per sub harmonic filter as stated above.

    For evaluating the significations of the Bhukti and Antara Lord- Apply the same rule as above and find out which are the significators which are final as per the sub harmonics filter. Using the sub harmonics way of Choosing the DBA for any matter will be more scientific as the DBA lord not only throws light on the signification but its sublord will filter the harmonics giving pure significators which are capable of delivering the results. His Sub Harmonics is a brilliant masterpiece just like the author himself. Sri Nimje is a very erudite scholar in KP and has a very sharp acumen in this field.

    His article is a eye opener for practical application of KP and both newcomers and seasoned professionals stand to gain from this article. Editors Note This section is a new concept. The idea can pertain to a new research topic, a new technique to solve a problem, or a new method of approaching an old problem, mix of techniques etc. Every entry into this section will be catalogued for future reference and the chances of any intellectual infringements will become a matter of history.

    Copyright will be retained by the authors. If you send your ideas to JASA, copyright will remain with you and you will get wide reading coverage and JASA will catalogue your idea so that no one can ever steal it!! Critics Column Prof. Krishnamurthy criticized astrologers for the way they fix Muhurta. He also criticized the general public for forgetting the role of Karma in our life.

    But KSK made constructive criticism. He showed the way to all astrologers and general public how to combine birth chart and Muhurta. We gratefully acknowledge Astrology and Athrishta October page Only excerpted portions given here. In the previous issue of JASA we provided 3 parts of excerpts. It is simply the lack of this fundamental knowledge that many Muhurtas fail. JASA firmly believes that all readers, authors, contributors and patrons of JASA are capable to give suggestions and advice for the development of stellar astrology and this journal. It is for them that this section has been created.

    Everyone is encouraged to send in their implementable suggestions through email to astrojasa gmail. Mill Colony , Paravai, Madurai Jyotishya Deepika v 5. We have received 73 entries for this section. Out of these 32 were correct analysis. Given below is: 1 Correct KP analysis. Given is the horary chart for a query raised by a gentleman regarding his missing mother.

    The query is Is my mother alive? If so, will she come back home? When can she return, if she comes back? As most of the Astrologers of Assam doing their job without studying recognized institution, only followed the system by studying few books of Bengali. He is successful in the attempts for developing the Science of Secrets through research.

    Dr Nath is an excellent author which every reader of Assam praised him for his scholarly great books in Assamese vis. Mahaupay, Sampurna vastu, Astrology mor avigyata aru gopaniyata, Rog aru samashya samadhanar vedic upay, Vastu-manuh surakshar ekmatra kavas etc. Ruling Planet course. KP Course Customer Feedback. Free KP System Rules. KP Prashna Horary Course. Free KP Astrology videos. Gems Ratna Samadhan Course. Prashna Horary Customer Feedback. Free KP astrology articles. Gem Solution course Feedback. International Shipping. How to Make Payment.

    Customer Payment Form.

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