December 4 full moon astrology

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In our personal lives, we can see that the scapegoating tendency could flare up after one too many glasses of Christmas spirit. Any grandiose super-narcissistic behaviour could have Gaia unleash her Scorpio sting and the offending guest may well be sent limping home as the universe dishes out its divine punishment. That leaves the rest of the family to enjoy the fuzzy, warm love that can now flourish once the toxic drama-king or queen has been removed.

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Betelgeuse is the archetype of the divine masculine however and the positive side could be Papa Santa Claus bringing joy himself. A wise old grandad calms things down, uniting the family against jealousy and disruption. Yes, there is the chance of explosions, but hopefully, they will be nothing more than champagne corks popping or fireworks at New Year. Generally, this is very cosy full Moon and best enjoyed in the bosom of the family. Genuine love is embraced with open arms as seen in the heartwarming two of cups card.

Happy Yule!

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Red Jasper or Poppy Jasper. I picked these stones as they resonate so well with the energy of this full moon. Red Jasper is actually associated with Gaia who is featured in the Betelgeuse myth. Emotional healing: Gives men and women quiet strength to resist bullying or domestic violence… Protective against psychic attack or if working with psychologically disturbed people.

So this stone is great for dragon slaying and gives courage! It is also a warming crystal for those cold winter nights. Meditating with this stone provides insight into the best way to accomplish this, and helps bring future problems to light before they become too big.

A lot of people use Poppy Jasper to have a sense of security and comfort, and to increase feelings of peace, serenity, and wholeness.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Psychic vampires. If you are as decent as you can be moral and kind , then I am certain you attract them the baddies , they certainly hone in on you. So, something I have found useful although devastating is the composites of anyone you meet in life. Parents, siblings,family, lovers, bosses etc. It works everytime. Venus is a good one and the composite sign its in…..

It does not matter if you are supposed to love them or indeed fall in love with them, its all written for you to take note. Wishing you and yours and everyone reading this a good Christmas and a great Married 2nd husband who is as non violent as the first was vicious, he married his 1st awful wife with Saturn on 3 Taurus Transit, 28 years later we married with Saturn reversed on 3 Taurus!

Taurus the Bull Sun with a transit of Saturn reversed on our wedding day, and,no I did not know astrology back then. Met him through misdirected phone call with Uranus exact on his Mercury Aquarius, 1 degree from my Chiron, married a few weeks later with Uranus on my Chiron with Venus opposition on the North and South nodes of Neptune.

Natal Planets

And, he was a telephone engineer Aquarian Sun to my Cancerian Sun, completely inconjunct. But we do act like the stuck and staid Taurus Sun. Its amazing. And, yes, he did bullshit me. This is activating my ascendant, almost exactly conjunct within 22 minutes. I am fortunate, lucky, blessed and on the road to lifetimes healing.

Thank you Marina for everything. Merry Christmas. Joyous Yule. Frr Really the aspect of the Moon should be aspecting one of your personal planets or angles by 3 degrees or under. Otherwise if you are a lunar person, ie A Cancerean, have the moon conjunct AC or MC, or have cancer rising you will always feel moons strongly.

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The general mood of the moon applies to every one, some people are more sensitive to the planets than others. Also check out your progressed planets and see if they follow the criteria I have just stated. Paying attention to the way the natural world mirrors the rhythm of our lives can help us find both respite and inspiration.

It also reminds us that the ebbs and flows of life are a valuable and necessary gift to work with. Each time we make space to check in with ourselves, we send ourselves a message: we are worth it. Imbued with the properties of abundance and good fortune, December's new moon in Sagittarius is one to make use of. This lunar cycle arrives on December 6th, the same day that Mercury, planet of communication, starts to move forward. Its arrival signals a time when all of our efforts are assisted, which means that we can more easily see the results of our hard work.

The moon in Sagittarius will initiate personal growth, expansion, and a deeper understanding of what kind of abundance we most want in our lives. Not all new moons are created equal, and this one is advantageous. Sagittarius is a sign that help us connect with our faith in life.

Full Moon in December , Full Moon in Cancer 0°49’, December 22 |

It is a sign of boundless optimism and joyful resilience. Sagittarius is forever enthusiastic about its options, making even the most mundane of situations an opportunity to practice gratitude. During the arrival of the new moon, we have a greater chance than usual to get things off the ground. On the other hand, if we choose to focus on our problems, they will grow just as rapidly. Focusing on what we want while also being grateful for what we have is key to working with this moon. We need to have faith in our process and create our own luck while remaining optimistic that things will work out—plus channel the spiritual nature of generosity, which is the curriculum of the new moon in Sagittarius.

This new moon also tells us that whatever we have in excess needs to be shared freely. The more we give, the greater the benefit to us and the world. The more generous we can be with our affection, efforts, and attention, the more we will reap in the coming months. Whatever we feel we are lacking in our life is a signal to us.

Full Moon December 2018 ~ Papa Red Spirit

To whatever degree we can, we must find every avenue possible to grant ourselves what we feel is lacking. Even the smallest steps towards our healing—especially under these skies—will get multiplied.

Full Moon December 13, 2016 - True Sidereal Astrology

When we begin to understand that we deserve to be loved, we are able to take note of the people and situations in our lives that are incapable of giving us what we need. The new moon in Sagittarius encourages us to receive the love that is present in our lives. Without waiting for anyone to arrive, change, or finally find us, this new moon reminds us that we already have the power to focus on what feels loving in our lives. Gratitude breeds abundance.

FULL MOON in Cancer December 22nd 2018~

Once we start looking for evidence of the love that is already in our lives, we find it. Even the smallest act of kindness when acknowledged can shift our perception this month. When we focus on the healing powers of being appreciated and cared for by someone else, we give ourselves the opportunity to gravitate towards more of the same.

Take note of any habits that you have that are ungrateful, unprofessional, and unhelpful for your overall trajectory.

december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology
december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology
december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology
december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology
december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology
december 4 full moon astrology December 4 full moon astrology

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