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There is more focus in the enigmatic 12 th house where the Mars Retrograde falls from Jun 27 to Aug It will revise and reheat all the themes brought up by the Lunar eclipse. There is a weird place for Mars to hang out. Any trumpets of fire will come out as bubbles, but those dragon wings can learn to swim pretty fast!

This is a floaty, mystical time and one where you might find out what spiritual values are worth fighting for. Mars retrograde in the Neptunian 12 th house has a Joan of Arc type of energy and is a spiritual warrior. This is the area of the chart where some self-flagellation happens to some extent in order to gain enlightenment. Instead Mars will bring challenges into your life, most usually loss of some kind, where you will have to painfully let go of something you have become addicted to.

The Aug 11 Solar Eclipse flips the above energy in the opposite direction with the hands-on healing of the 6 th house. Dis-ease is exactly what the word says. It arises because your body is unhappy with what you are throwing at it. However, after this period of adjustment, you should feel more integrated with your surroundings and back to better health as a result. A short illness can be a blessing, serving the purpose of shaking you out of a routine, that was in fact stagnating you. Mars Retrograde backs into your hopes and dreams zone from Aug 13 and goes direct on Aug Y ou will place a great amount of energy into wishful thinking.

It will give you the chance to dream up a new social network filled with people who more closely align with your interests.

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Meeting a long-lost love in a faraway land is the most fairytale manifestation of Venus retrograde in your travel zone from Oct 6. Most of all, this transit can transport you back into ancient times, but whether you meet a tall, dark handsome foreigner is debatable… You will feel however will be a strong pull towards places where you might have had a romantic connection in the past. You could even stumble across an exotic old flame if other astrological factors support this.

Less fantastical options would be taking a trip with a suitcase full of crayons. A drawing holiday to a past life location would be greatly inspiring, you might even find you draw out and remember your olden day persona. This is one of the easier Venus retrogrades, for it brings a reconnection with ancient wisdom that is sometimes felt very acutely through the land itself. Therefore going to a place that has many sacred sites is a fantastic use of this energy, as is going to any group spiritual retreat.

Rewriting material for publishing is also a good move, as is going back to study in higher education as an adult. During this time you might feel drawn towards, art, music or styles that reconnect you to places you have visited in the past. During the first half of this period from until Oct 26 , Venus is in her more harmonious Hesperus phase which makes travel pleasant and easy-going.

Venus turns direct on Nov Ceres moves in to help fellow goddess out in your higher wisdom house from Nov 11 to Dec You could come into contact with an influential teacher in the form of a healer, astrologer or seer at this time. Maybe you meet this guide through taking part in a course that involves the priestess crafts of herbal medicine, divination or planetary magic.

Your mind is expanded through being contact with the sacred wisdom of mother earth. You may take part in pagan rituals, harvest festivals or activities that bring you into contact with lay lines or telluric currents under the earth. Even simply walking in nature or gardening is enough. You are feeling quite passionate about everything right now, but could become extra-moody if people get too close. Give yourself a wide-berth while you enjoy feeling so hot-blooded and virile, because you might snap at others if they get too close.

This is a time when people see your tempestuous side! Solo projects at this time can fly, sky-high because you carry an enthusiastic, can-do, upbeat attitude. This is mainly in the realms of your career. No matter what you say, people will at least admire your honesty and balls. It could be tempting to think you are untouchable during this transit, but it would still be wise not to push it. If you get too cocky, there could be a backlash after Jupiter has left this house in Nov , so go gentle on your more sensitive clients, employees or colleagues.

The major transit for you this year is a very useful Saturn sextile your decan from J an 1 to Dec You should tickle the eye of people in power while Saturn tickles you by sextile! This is a budding type of energy. The sap is rising and it has bags of potential. As always with Saturn, it will take effort on your part to encourage these seeds take root.

Stamina is what this gift of a transit will give you. The Mars square from Jan 27 to Feb 11 does much to power the stamina generated by Saturn so that it helps push forward your goals. Saturn is the safety break. The Venus conjunction from Feb 11 to 18 is fantastic for serious relationships. This is a really easy first half of the year, with progress moving carefully along with no bumps in the road.

Even the Venus square from Apr 25 to May 2 is handled easily because you already have so much support and confidence. You can use this square to help sculpt any artistic ideas and give them material form. After that the beautiful and harmonious Venus trine from May 20 to 27 is a real treat and brings some fun. July Onwards. Relationships with mother earth, children and partner are the focus while you have two goddesses vying for attention in your marriage sector.

Especially if reading this for your rising sign. The first is the Ceres opposition from Jun 28 to Jul 22 and then the Venus opposition from Jul 10 to Together this emphasises how honest and natural you can be in relationships. If they are easily offended then they are not mature enough for you. With Saturn working in the background, you need someone who can be responsible and not just a grown-up teenager.

Ceres is about respecting the wisdom of what has been working well for thousands of years, the goddess of natural law. You can make money easily through doing the work you love. This work may be something artistic or maybe counselling others. What you give to others in terms of care and nurturing you will get back thrice with the Ceres trine from Nov 12 to Dec 4. During this time the Mars conjunction from Nov 16 to 31 will really help power your ambitions upwards and onwards.

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Right at the end of the year you get a taste of the sort of equal-but-opposite energy of the Saturn sextile your decan, with the Jupiter square from Nov 8 to Dec 2. You could put a lot of energy into expanding your mind through learning. If somebody tells you that you have become too overbearing or preachy, believe them!

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How is the poetic imagination and mysticism going? You still have the background influence of the Neptune conjunction all year. On the other hand, you could be feeling what everybody else is thinking and not realise that it is their thoughts and not yours. Quite good if you happen to be surrounded by artistic geniuses, but not if you take on the entire paranoias of a mental-health ward. Those who work with people who have depression or are mentally unstable, could have quite a hard time with this transit and will need to shield themselves.

It might be a year when you choose to drop out. People around you might criticise this retreating, but this could be what you have to do to preserve your own sanity. You might give up the corporate world and become a self-employed healer. The Mars trine from Jan 1 to 9 is a great Kickstarter for you to channel the Neptune energy in a useful manner.

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It has quite a spiritual warrior energy to it. At the same time you have to say goodbye the very fortunate Jupiter trine from Jan 1 to You have had this transit over the end of and it should have left you sitting pretty if you have used it righteously. Again this is prime spiritual warrior energy, even with the square. Musically this is very healing too, so pay attention to what audio vibration you are giving out or taking in. Another challenge to watch out for is drugs, Mars with Neptune is notorious for addiction problems.

This comes from wanting to feel at one with the universe and striving for that bliss. The Venus conjunction from Feb 19 to 26 could bring you that love bliss that you have been yearning for.

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Neptune in Pisces does a LOT of yearning. It is the queen of unrequited love moping. Try not to let the unattainable overwhelm you with the Venus square from May 3 to It the same time it is good to have dreams and sometimes these long distant loves can become reality. If you have fallen madly in love then the Venus trine from May 28 to Jun 4 will show you what is possible with this relationship.

The second half of the year has bags of exciting transits for you. The most romantic is the Venus opposition from Jul 19 to This will really ramp up the soulmate possibilities of Neptune. Now this could be a good or bad thing, so check out my twin flame post before you get too blind-sighted. The Ceres opposition from Jul 23 to Aug 14 actually keeps things real. So plunge your feet into the sand, mud, stream, large furry dog or failing all that an Epsom bath. Thought that was cool! Have a good day and the best of luck with your health!

Thank you so much for all the work you do. Thank you kindly Nagem. Horoscope for Capricorn week 12 August is not updated. Rest of the astro signs have been updated. Hello, I just started using this website and went back to the past few yearly reviews and OMG! Amazing work! I am a Capricorn born on Jan 5th and was wondering if you will be posting a more detailed link for the July 5th lunar eclipse in Cap later on? This was happening with a few signs but only from cell phones.

Hopefully, it has corrected itself now. I can see my attraction to AKing. Similarity and conflict. Good luck, Jamie. There is an Ambition here that takes you to the top. The danger with a Cap is they may become isolated as the mountain peaks, by nature, with no where to go but down, the realm of the SeaGoat.

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As such this is where I dwell. My solar progressions and arc in Pisces. Uranus and Chiron astromap aspects strong on the North American west coast where I reside. Menu Skip to content. Search for:.

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February 19, April 15, Jamie Partridge. That post was that on Doug? Got it Jamie! Horoscope for Capricorn week 12 August is not post correctly August 5 for twice Reply. Thank you! Hi Jamie!

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